Thursday, July 16, 2009

The artist and her poultry

Okay, I don't know why but I found this piece in today's New York Times kind of irritating.

Actually, I do know why.

It smells a little bit of bullshit.

Feral rooster found in woods. Gentle enough within a day to be pecking mistress on the cheek?

I don't think so.


Melina said...

a lost rooster can be easily tamed...I dont think that a Houdan was feral in the woods for long.
Ive actually emailed with this artist, and she is real...but the chickens do roam free and IM not sure if she even secures them at night.
I allow my birds to free range, and once in a while I lose one, but they are secured at dusk.
I love her photographs and her birds are beautiful. be sure to look at the NY Times slide show that is at the link.

hope said...

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. I am very fortunate for this amazing life changing experience with a rooster. Some have attirbuted our relationship to his being a Paduans/Polands who are known as gentle while Darwin wrote they were the smartest breed. Now we know chickens are intelligent enough to be one of few animals who survived the catastrophe that killed all the other dinosaurs. The cockerals born to him and his hens have evolved into even more kinder and gentler beings than he....caring for the hens and younger chicks. Thank you Melina, for your belief in my work and the kind and generous spirt of (my) rooster now called Shinnecock.
cheers for a great new year

freerangegirl said...

I wonder if Hope is for hire? My bantam rooster makes up in attitude what he lacks in size. He's great with his chicks and his girls but regularly chases me round the veg patch!