Thursday, September 07, 2006

Chicken Lit 101

New York Times readers are probably familiar with Bill Grimes's My Fine Feathered Friend, his book about the chicken who showed up one day in his Queens backyard.

Grimes's work is but one piece of a growing body of chicken lit.

In his book, Living With Chickens, Vershire, Vermont, author Jay Rossier writes almost as much about the metaphysical value of chicken ownership as he does nuts-and- bolts information.

British author Martin Gurdon, in his droll poultry-memoir, Hen and the Art of Chicken Maintenance: Reflections on Raising Chickens, sums things up nicely:
"Having a few hens at the bottom of the garden was supposed to be a bit of fun, a mild distraction, but it was fast becoming a life-changing experience."


dhort said...

Hey from N'hamp. A long time retiree resident and Meadows walker likes to report odd bird sightings to me (knowing my birder cred). A couple of days ago he was startled by what he swears were chickens. "Not turkey hens, Tom?" "Oh, no, Don," he replied in his fine Irish accent. "Chickens as sure as my beard is green every St Paddy's day!"
So what do you think? Feral chickens among us?

BJ Roche said...

Hey that's no joke! Feral chickens are a huge problem in Key West--well it's the roosters that are really the usual!

There are hundreds of them roaming the streets and no one wants to kill them off.

In our neighborhood, we actually have a feral pea-hen who escaped from a farm over in Heath years ago. She stops by to hang out with the ladies once in awhile, and has a very strange cry...

dhort said...

Damn. Or Hot Damn! Now I will have to find one to add to my birder's lifelist. (I did that with feral mute swans in the N'Hamp Oxbow.)

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