Tuesday, September 12, 2006

La Reine de Palais de Poulets

What, you were thinking Marie Antoinette?

Here's a pic sent in as a chicken blog "must have," from Peter down in Connecticut, who had the good fortune to sit behind Martha at a showing of "Capote" at the local movie theater earlier this year, and pronounced her "better looking in person than she is on t.v."

I can't be sure, but that might actually be a guinea hen in her arms.

I used to make fun of Martha, but as I get older, I like her more; her magazine is beautiful, and okay, if she still gets a little over the top with the stencils and projects, well, that's just Martha.

One year she had a great story on fancy Christmas wreaths--too much work. I just cut the pages out and hung the pictures of the wreaths up around my house.

You decorate your house with the army you have.

My sister Sandy thinks it was Martha who started this whole chicken thing, and then I remembered her first book and the Palais de Poulets (for you unwashed, that's palace of chickens in French), which she had in her backyard. She also single-handedly pumped up the market for Araucanas, who lay those lovely blue eggs and, who also, I think, happen to be among the smartest birds in the flock.

Coops are a subject of endless discussion among chicken owners. We are on our second one now, and recently ran into the couple who bought our original coop, and were glad to hear they were still happy with it.

They had set up a laying box, using the green luminescent shell of an I-Mac, and said the birds LOVED laying in it.

Now that's recycling.


Egg Scrambler said...

I'm pretty certain that's not a guinea fowl [Martha Stewart photo] at all but rather a Judith Leiber handbag (not an evening purse - this is obviously for daytime wear). Leiber's accessories. especially one as lifelike as the one shown, would retail for about $1800 to $2400. A small price to pay for something you don't have to feed every day. As shown, this one can hold up to a half-dozen extra large (brown or white) eggs.

Egg Scrambler said...

This from the American Egg Board web site: "Meringue:
A foam of beaten egg white and sugar. Egg foams were used in pastries much earlier, but the name meringue came from a pastry chef named Gasparini in the Swiss town of Merhrinyghen. In 1720, he created a small pastry of dried egg foam and sugar from which the simplified meringue evolved. Its fame spread and Marie Antoinette is said to have prepared the sweet with her own hands at the Trianon in France." With her own hands! Just like Martha! Mary ad Martha... No, no, that's another duo.

dhort said...

A handbag! That's rich. Wonder if she keeps her shiv in it for old times sake? Not necessary for formal ocassions. . .

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